Diamondfox Absolute Rainbow Dash

© Suvi Lehto

Syntynyt - Born 8.5.2018

Silmät - Eyes OK (Terveet pentuna - Clear as puppy)

CEA DNA kantaja vanhempien mukaan - DNA carrier by parentage
DM N/N (Zoogen)
MDR1 +/- (MyDogDNA)

MyDogDNA (Genetic Health Index 89)

Pitkäkarvageenin kantaja - Rough factor

Sijoituksessa - On breeding terms

Sukutaulu - Pedigree (KoiraNet/ Smooth Collie Database)

Ingledene Mr Majestic

Essanjay Encore

Wicani Moonkissed Maiden At Essanjay

Absolute Dynamite Of The Windy Lands (roug collie)

Virus Nior Des Marecages Du Prince

A Blue Pearl Of The Holy Mountain

Born To Be Femme Fatale

Timonan Nero Nestor

Clingstone's Smart As

Sandcastle's All Dressed Up

Dane Amor Miracle Of Love

Bell Pepper's Ghost Buster

Dane Amor Coco Mademoiselle

Linnanneidon Isebel

© Suvi Lehto

© Suvi Lehto

© Suvi Lehto

© Suvi Lehto

© Suvi Lehto